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Are you trying to lose weight but get so confused with what is actually healthy? Download tried and tested healthy diet meal plans and start losing weight TODAY.

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If you are trying to lose weight but simply can't find time to go to the GYM and exercise 3 times a week, losing weight then really comes down to what you are eating.

Did you know that you can start shedding pounds by simply eating healthier?

To help you get started, our experts have curated the best online weight-loss meal recipes and have packaged them up into dedicated plans ready for you to download and start losing weight today.

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We’ve made creating your very own diet meal plan super easy. With our meal plan builder you can build yourself the perfect diet meal plan.

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The truth is in the pudding. Not!:)
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Totally Changed My Life

Havings struggled to lose weight for many years I started the on the Keto Meal plan and within 3 months I had lost over 5kgs. 12 months since starting I\'ve now lost over 13kgs having spend very little time in the GYM.

The ketogenic diet changed my heatth and energy radically. It raised my energy levels throughout the day, in a consistent way, without the typical ups and downs one finds himself in when eating too many carbs. I stopped being hungry and enjoyed the food much more. In my opinion, it is like taking the parts of the food that one doesn\'t want to eat off, even though we are very used to them (bread, rice, pasta, etc.). It can be a bit expensive but I felt like buying health and time quality with it. Plus, I have never felt so strong and lean in my life


Radically changed my health


Kick Started my metabolism into fat burning mode

Changing my diet to eating high amounts of good fats has kickstarted my metabolism into fat burning mode. My body shape has changed completely, I am much leaner, feel more energised and I don\'t have to count calories (who has time for that anyways?!) I eat as much as I want and totally loving the new me

Latest Recipes

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